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Welcome to Sliver Ragnarok Offline Site
Where Your Dreams Come True!!!

Download all files below and ready to play Sliver Ragnarok Offline!!!

Data Folder

Fusion Weiss 1.214

Mirror Sites!!!
Mirror 1    Mirror 2    Mirror 3

Installation Guide
Download the latest kRO and Sakray, then install. After installing kRO and Sakray, download Data Folder
to your RO folder (ex. C:/Program Files/Gravity/RO/). Open the Data Folder then right-click sclientinfo.xml file
and click edit. Change IP Address to Download SliverRO and extract to your RO folder
(Make sure you have Winrar installed in your computer).
Your Client is now ready!!!
Now for your server click on Fusion Weiss 1.214 or
to any of the mirror links. Download Fusion Weiss separate from your RO folder.
After downloading Fusion Weiss 1.214 your now ready to Play your own Ragnarok Offline!!!
If you want to edit your server like increase base and job experience,
just open the weiss.ini file in your Fusion 1.214 Folder and edit it.
If your new in Fusion you can join the Fusion Forum at and get some
support from the administrators and members of Fusion Community.
Rok! On

To register, just type your username followed by _M or _F then your password in the Log-in Screen
(ex. Username: myname_M Password: secret).

"Best view in 1024X768 resolution"

Creating a private server is illegal.
Please do not use those files for creating private servers;
Use this files for personal purposes only.
Ragnarok Online is owned and created by Gravity.